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10 Ideas to Make your Open House Pop

Your signs are polished, the door is unlocked, the lights are on and you have your sign-in sheet ready. You might have even gone the extra step and put few balloons on your directional signs. It must mean it’s open house time... for the average agent.

Real Estate Agents, Let's Get on the Same Page Here

When we were first designing, we wanted a central location where buyer agents could ‘post’ their buyer needs and also a place for where listing agents could ‘search’ for buyer needs. However, we ran into a big hurdle right off the bat.

Need Buyers for Your Listings?

Uh oh, your listing has not sold. You have entered the listing into MLS and you are accumulating the dreaded days on the market. Not only are you exhausting your marketing resources but the sellers are asking what the next plan of action will be. A price reduction might be a conversation happening in the near future but it may be avoidable by utilizing