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Need Buyers for Your Listings?

Uh oh, your listing has not sold. You have entered the listing into MLS and you are accumulating the dreaded days on the market. Not only are you exhausting your marketing resources but the sellers are asking what the next plan of action will be. A price reduction might be a conversation happening in the near future but it may be avoidable by utilizing allows listing agents to quickly search a database of active 'buyer needs' to see if there are agents who have active buyers that might be a perfect match for their listing(s).

In the event that a listing might have been overlooked, unintentionally eliminated or maybe was even just outside of the buyer's search perimeter, this tool is a great way to reach out to agents to inform them that you have a listing that meets their buyer's criteria.'s dynamic search feature is designed to allow agents to perform very specific or very general searches to find buyers for their listings. Searches can be as specific as a listing address, as general as a city or anything inbetween.

Not only does this tool add value to your service during active listings but listing agents can also search to see if there are buyers for their 'pocket listings' or their 'coming soons'. During the make ready period when the house is being prepared to officially go live on MLS, the listing agent can also perform a search to see if they can generate a buyer prior to officially listing the house on the local MLS.

Not only is this a great tool to use as a listing agent, it is a great way to show your sellers you are being pro-active in procuring a buyer. We know it's a competitive market out there. Get an edge with and happy selling!

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