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10 Ideas to Make your Open House Pop

Your signs are polished, the door is unlocked, the lights are on and you have your sign-in sheet ready. You might have even gone the extra step and put few balloons on your directional signs. It must mean it’s open house time... for the average agent.

Come on! It’s a new age for real estate agents and you have the tools readily available to make your open house make you look like a rockstar agent. After all, agents are all about image and branding so let your open house be a reflection of you.

Below are are few ideas and tips if you want to go the extra step when hosting an open house. Have other open house ideas? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

1. Chef’s kitchen

A chef picture

Does the listing have a chef's kitchen? Well, bring in a chef to help show off the kitchen! Now, we’re not talking about serving a five course meal or anything crazy. Have a chef (or a good cook) come in and give a small presentation on appetizers that they are preparing. Think along the lines of the morning news shows where they are cooking and showing others how to make the food. People love to snack and this is a great opportunity to not only encourage people to stay a bit, but you can also pass out branded recipe cards with the food that was prepared.

2. Classic car

A classic car picture Most all of us at least know of someone that has a sweet, classic car. Consider calling in a favor and see if the car owner would be willing to show their car for a few hours at your open house. Most classic car owners love showing and talking about their car. Put that classic car in the driveway and park it sideways so people driving by know it’s there to be seen. It’s another way to lure in people that are driving by that normally would not stop.

3. Hold an open house during the week

A picture of a calendar Open houses don’t just have to be held open on the weekends. Free up your weekend and consider doing an open house during the week. While most people will be at work during the day, try to hold an open house towards the end of the day. This is a great way to attract neighbors that might be going on their evening walks. Just be sure that the signs reflect that you are having an open house that day of the week. If not, the signs might be overlooked as signs that were left out from the weekend.

4. Lender present for first-time homebuyers

A picture of money If your listing fits the criteria and price point that most first-time home buyers would probably consider, bring a lender to your open house. You can market on a sign outside, “First-time home buyers? Lender present for Q&A.” This is a great way to bring first-time home buyers into your open house. Agents often get tons of lender related questions so why not just bring in the professional? Plus the visitors will feel like they are working with a team and might ease a bit of hesitation or reservations that they might have.

5. Jump castle

A jumping castle Most houses have enough room in the front yard to have a jump castle. Rent one of these for the duration of your open house. Put in the front yard and put your sign or banner on the jump castle. This is a head turner for parents that have kids and the kids will be asking their parents to stop. Make sure you have bottled water available.

6. Grill out

A picture of hotdogs While you might not be able to be out doing the actual grilling, consider having a spouse or some sponsor grilling in the driveway. Go the extra step and get a small tent or canopy and put it in driveway too. This will look like a mini tailgate at your open house and who does not like tailgates?

7. Take a test drive

A picture of a Tesla Speaking of cars, visit a local car dealer and meet with a salesperson. Let them know that you are planning an open house and you are wanting visitors to be able to test drive a car while they are visiting your open house. Not only is this a great way for you to market your open house (before and during), it’s also a great way for the car salesperson to get leads too and it’s free. It’s a win/win for both. Think Tesla, Cadillac, Mercedes, etc.

8. Facebook live

Facebook Live Show off your open house by doing a small Facebook live video. It’s a great way to remind people that like your page you that you are hosting an open house.

9. Community wide open house

A picture of houses If the listing is located in a neighborhood where there are other active listings, consider reaching out to the other listing agents and organizing a community wide, open house tour. Have all of the participating agents chip in so you can have a big prize giveaway. Visitors are eligible for the prize when they visit all of the houses on the tour. This is a great way to get visitors legitimate contact info and you can then divide among the agents after the tour.

10. Use to promote

The next door logo is a great resource to promote your open house to the neighborhood. is a neighborhood specific, social network exclusive to people who live within the neighborhood. Now, you may not be able to promote your own open house on the site due to exclusively, but the sellers should be able to help you out. Just be sure to provide all of the information and photos to the sellers and ask if they can post on your behalf.


11. Hand out “If I Lived Here...” flyers

Somebody thinking If you are wanting to pass out info about the subject property at the open house, try this instead. Hand out, “If I Lived Here…” flyers. It’s makes the home features more personable to the open house visitor. Create a simple flier and list the features in a personable way. An example could be the following: If I lived here, I would be walking distance to the park, one block from the community pool, be within an amazing school district, have established landscaping, have all upgraded windows, etc, etc. You get the idea.

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