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Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yes. We also have a pro account that is subscription based where users have access to premium features.

How long will my BuyerNeed post remain active?

60 days.

What happens to my post after 60 days?

After 60 days, your post will go into hibernation mode where you can refresh it to make it public again.

Can anyone post a BuyerNeed?

We only allow real estate agents to post their client's criteria.

Why can I not log in?

This might be for any of the following reasons:

Why did I not receive an email after I signed up?

You should receive an Activate Your Account email or Account Pending email once you sign up. Sometimes these emails might take some time to get to your inbox. On rare occasions, this email might end up in a non-primary inbox or spam. Be sure to check these if you did not receive one of the above email.

Why did I get a Pending Email saying you are approving my account?

This is a courtesy email letting you know we have to look into verifying your account a bit more in detail before activating your account. Once we can verify that you are an active agent, we will send you an Activate Your Account email.

How do I change my password?

Two ways: 1. Click on the Log In button then click on the Forgot Password link. 2. If you are already logged in and would like to change your current password to another password, go to your My Account page and click on Reset Password

How do I change my account email?

Shoot us an email at

How many BuyerNeeds can I post?

We do not have a max limit on your BuyerNeed posts. We ask that you only have one post per BuyerNeed.

Why is my buyer's "Main Area" showing a different area than where my buyer wants to live?

We automatically display a city and state and attach this to your BuyerNeed. This is just a general area that we have calculated based on the main area within the outline that was drawn on your map. If you wish to change the area that is displayed, consider editing your post and adjusting the perimeter of your BuyerNeed on the map.

When I search for BuyerNeeds, why are some results showing up outside the area I just searched?

The more general of a location that you enter in the location field, the more general the results results you might receive. Example: If you enter a county in the search field, you might be see BuyerNeeds in a neighboring county. However, if you search for a specific address, you will receive very accurate BuyerNeeds that are looking within that address.

How do I delete my account?

Email us at

How do I report a posting?

Email us at

How do I adjust weekly emails or newsletter frequency?

You can easily adjust your email settings by going to the My Account page and going to Notifications.

How do I change my county?

Visit your* My Account* page and click on Account Settings.

How does your map feature work when I am posting?

When you outline where your buyer wishes to live, we automatically attach some very important location information to your BuyerNeed behind the scenes. Such location information includes County/Counties, City/Cities, Zip Code(s), neighborhood(s), school(s), property addresses, etc. All of this is tied to your BuyerNeed behind the scenes.

How do I report a bug?

Email us at